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I have recently switched blogging platforms. Here is my new blog:
I have recently switched blogging platforms. Here is my old blog:

TAB TWO: Not just a lucky job

TAB TWO 2012

Sometimes you get lucky. In my case "luck" means that yesterday I got to shoot with TAB TWO, a band that has musically influenced me for over 20 years.

Scroll down to the end of this post to give them a listen, you might like it.

"Luck" also means luck in a photographic sense. As a photographer you sometimes need a bit of that, especially when there's no good way you can scout the location upfront. But then, I love surprises. They keep my on my toes, they keep me from relaxing into routine and they keep every job fresh and exciting. Exciting and just a slight little bit unpredictable.

Hellmut Hattler
Hellmut Hattler

With several ideas in mind already, a quick scouting walk uncovered a near perfect industrial-type area right next door. With colorful cargo containers.

Jk blacknwhite 2 The rest is putting the puzzle pieces together, finding the right light and shooting like a mad man.

Creative things happen when you put one and one together and end up with something greater than the sum of the two - and when you work with creative people, experimentation can quickly turn into a collaboration that ends with not-so-predictable but very exciting results.

Joo Kraus

Hellmut Hattler
Puddle - Hellmut Hattler

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