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To help order and sort some of the things in my mind, it often helps me to write them down. And this is the place I do just that. Not always related to photography. Not always in English. Manchmal auch auf Deutsch.
I have recently switched blogging platforms. Here is my new blog:
I have recently switched blogging platforms. Here is my old blog:

MipbwSometimes things move forward faster than expected. As it's just now happening with the Marquardt International Pinhole.

We had a meeting today and one of the outcomes was that we are going to build a run of ten cameras to see how people accept it. This will be a very special camera, not only because it creates beautiful pictures, but because each and every one of them will be a hand-made unique one-of-a-kind item.

I will not go into more detail right now because I simply can't - I know the general direction and I like it, but as you, I will have to wait for the final cameras to know what they will exactly look like.

As soon as they are finished, I will post pictures.

If you are interested in one of the first ten cameras, please send a mail to

Offical website:


Workshops 2011: Hashtags und Kurzlinks

Du meldest Dich für einen Workshop an. Und dann?!

Wäre es nicht klasse, wenn Du mit anderen Workshopteilnehmern Kontakt aufnehmen könntest?

Aus Gründen der Privatsphäre verschicke ich normalerweise keine Adresslisten, aber es gibt ja noch andere Wege.

Wenn Du in den Social Media wie z.B. Twitter oder Facebook unterwegs bist, oder wenn Du bloggst, dann sind Hashtags und Kurzlinks eine gute Möglichkeit, mit anderen zu diskutieren.

Hier ist die offizielle Liste der Hashtags und Kurzlinks für die Workshops 2011:

5.-6. Feb, Hannover Spielzeugladen

19.-20. Feb, Absolut Analog I

2.-3. Apr, Absolut Analog II

8.-10. Jul, Berlin

2.-3. Jul, Hannover Spielzeugladen II

27.-30. Jul, Klostergeister

2.-4. Sep, Northeim

10.-11. Sep, Absolut Analog III

Was ist ein Hashtag?

» zur Englischen Workshopliste


2011 Workshop Hash Tags and Short Links

You sign up for a workshop. And then what...?!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could connect with fellow workshop participants to discuss sharing a ride, what to bring, or just to know who else is coming? I usually don't send address lists for privacy reasons, but there's another way.

If you use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or if you blog, hashtags and short links are a great way to let others find your information.

Here is the offical hashtag and short link list for the 2011 workshops:

Apr/17-May/3, Tibet

May/27-29, Berlin LIMITED

Aug/13-14, Washington DC

Aug/19-21, San Francisco, CA

Sep/23-25, Toronto, Canada

What is a hash tag?

» go to the German workshop list

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