Razor-Sharp Targeting
Reach exactly the audience you want. Virtually zero wastage.
Zero Production Cost
Unlike in traditional media, production cost is included.
Highest Attention Level
The majority will listen through the entire episode.
Podcasts have the most precise targeting, the best host-audience rapport and the highest level of audience attention of all audio media.
Strong Bond
Podcasts are a very close medium with a strong bond between the host and the audience. Podcast audiences trust their podcast hosts.
No Restrictions
Podcasters can promote your product in more creative ways than the radio, as they are not restricted by broadcasting bodies. This includes endorsements by the podcast host.
Higher levels of Attention
Most people listen to podcasts all the way through and with a much higher level of concentration as they do with radio. Calls to action are much more likely to be acted upon.
Shownotes, the built-in link to your product
Podcasts include show notes with direct links to advertisers or products.
Proven ROI
As a result of the strong bond between audience and host, host endorsements have a proven ROI.
A podcast will keep on giving
Once a podcast episode is online, it will usually stay online, to be discovered by new listeners even years after the episode was released, including your ads.

"In 2017, Ad Results Media tracked the results of host-read ads placed in four categories — podcasts, national radio, satellite, local radio — and learned that podcasts are now the most highly performing category of audio advertising."

"Advertisers now spend more than in radio advertising. As podcasts audiences continue to grow, Ad Results Media has seen rates for podcast ads go up as much as 4,000 percent proportionally. And according to audioBoom, 93 percent of companies/brands have increased their advertising spend from 2016 to 2017"

Some of Our Advertisers

Linkedin Learning
artbeat Studios

KEH Camera
The Great Courses

Creative Live

Extrasensory Devices

Some of Our Guests

Valerie Jardin
Ibarionex Perello
David DuChemin
Sonny Portacio

Philip Briggs
Martin Bailey
Bob Levitus

Don Komarechka
Jon Miller
Robin Preston
Steven Sasson

John Nack
Randal L. Schwarz


Podcast advertising is priced by CPM ("cost per mille" = cost per 1000 listeners).

The CPM will vary depending on the show, the topic and the type of selected spot (pre-roll or mid-roll) or extras.

A good ball-park figure for a CPM is a range of $15 to $60.

Please inquire for pricing details regarding our productions.

Example: 5000 listeners, pre-roll + mid-roll
CPM: $15 (pre-roll)
CPM: $30 (mid-roll)
Price per episode: (15 + 30) x 5 = $225

Example: 10,000 listeners, only mid-roll
CPM: $40 (mid-roll)
Price per episode: 40 x 10 = $400

Example: 20,000 listeners, pre-roll only
CPM: $325 (pre-roll)
Price per episode: 25 * 20 = $500

Best Practices and Rules

To make a podcast sponsorship work well for both, the advertiser and the podcaster, here are some points and best practices that have emerged in over 12 years of producing online content.

Our main goal is to make this a relationship that works well for all involved parties: the advertiser, the audience and the podcaster. The audience should always benefit in some way from an ad.

Our Rules

The advertised product or service needs to be relevant to the audience.

The sponsorship should provide additional benefit for the audience beyond the introduction to a service or a product.

A sponsorship can go beyond podcast ads. It could for example involve a teaching or speaking engagement or a customized video production.

Ads on our shows will always be marked as such. There are no hidden product placements. If we receive a free product for evaluation, we will fully disclose that.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices for the advertiser:

1. Use a campaign-specific landing page.

2. Make the landing page URL as simple as possible: a) easy to say for the host and b) easy to remember for the audience. ( is a great starting point). The landing allows you to track audience engagement.

3. Provide a discount code. Our role is to get an audience interested in your product/service and bring them to your landing page. You want to convert those visitor into customers. A podcast-specific discount code will raise the conversion rate. Code "topfloor" has worked well in the past. The discount code allows you to track conversions.


100% Trefferquote
Sie erreichen ohne Streuverluste das richtige Publikum
Null Produktionskosten
Anders als bei traditionellen Medien sind die Produktionskosten inklusive.
Höchste Aufmerksamkeit
Podcast-Episoden werden fast immer komplett gehört.
Podcasts erreichen präzise die Zieltruppe, die Bindung zwischen Host und Publikum ist so gut wie in keinem anderen Audio-Medium.
Starke Bindung
Podcasts sind ein Medium mit viel Nähe. Das schafft eine starke Bindung zwischen dem Podcaster und den Fans.
Keine Regeln
Podcaster können ein Produkt wesentlich kreativer bewerben, als es das Radio mit seinen festen Strukturen und Regeln kann.
Größere Aufmerksamkeit
Viele Menschen hören Podcasts von Anfang bis Ende durch. Dabei herrscht deutlichere stärkere Konzentration als beim Radiohören.
Podcasts kommen mit Shownotes, in denen Ihr Produkt direkt verlinkt wird.
Kostenlose produktion
Zusätzlich zu den Kosten für die Ausstrahlung ihrer Werbung bezahlen Sie beim Radio oft auch für die Produktion der Werbung selbst. Beim Podcast sind die Kosten dafür in der Regel inbegriffen.
Podcast bleiben online
Staatliche Mediatheken müssen Beiträge nach vorgegebenen Zeiträumen wieder vom Netz nehmen ("depublizieren"). Sobald eine Podcast-Episode online ist, bleibt sie üblicherweise auch ohne Zeitbegrenzung online. Sie wird damit oft — inklusive ihrer Werbung – noch Jahre später von neuem Publikum entdeckt.