The 2020 pandemic has presented everyone with new challenges. Even with existential threats to a small businesses like this one. For the time being, the harsh reality is that travel and face-to-face workshops are a thing of the past.

But you know me, instead of sticking my head in the sand, I did what I always do when unexpected change happens. I became creative.

Here's the result:


One of the results of that creative boost is PHOTO SENSEI. You can book a live virtual video workshop with me, just for yourself. Or for yourself and some friends. Or for yourself and your camera club. Check it out below, it's awesome.

Learn photography, face-to-face in a personal live video session, directly from Chris.


The COVID-induced boost in video productions lead to the second project. After ripping my hair out over the horrible video and audio quality that most video conferencing systems offer, I took a deep dive and discovered OBS Ninja. I spent months learning everything about it, using it for my own video productions and I have helped several businesses and theatres to get their own amazing productions off the ground this way. I have decided to offer consulting and training for OBS Ninja in the OBS NINJA ACADEMY.

Forget Zoom or Skype. Produce high-quality remote video and audio productions for free

The future is here. And we're moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Join me.