Chris Marquardt - Photographer, Producer, Educator

As a producer Chris enables business and individuals to pour their visions and ideas into pictures, sound and video. No matter if local or remote.
Audio/Video Production

As a photographer and workshop leader Chris helps wonderful people tell amazing visual stories and gain memorable photographic experiences. Travel with Chris, learn about new places and grow your world.
Photo Tours & Workshops

As a trainer Chris is experienced in photography, visual communication, audio and video production, and the creative process. He has successfully trained corporate teams and individuals, offering both in-person and remote training options.

"Highly recommended!"
Dennis Morassut

As a consultant Chris helps your business understand how to boost your visual presence and communication in a highly image-saturated world. He will also teach you how to do professional remote audio and video productions.

As an author Chris loves deep dives into topics like wide-angle photography or film. Find his books in every bookstore. Translated into several languages.

As a podcaster Chris talks about things that excite him, from photography to the polar ends of the world. He provides food for thought, takes you on a journey to improve your photography and sheds light on how new developments will shape the future of creativity.