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Chris has worked on a wide range of projects with clients of all sizes.
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Podcast Productions

Chris has produced podcasts since 2005. He has an extensive portfolio of high-quality shows about photography and other topics. This includes shows like Tips from the Top Floor, The Future of Photography, Happy Shooting or Curiously Polar.
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Chris' photography focuses on capturing the beauty and diversity of landscapes, cultures, people, and nature. This showcases the unique and captivating elements of the world around us, giving viewers a glimpse into places and experiences they may not otherwise see. It also casts a highlight on the importance of conservation and preservation, bringing attention to the need to protect and preserve the beauty of our planet for future generations.
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A.I. Art

AI Art is a new and emerging field that's developing at break-neck pace right in front of our eyes. All works by Chris Marquardt using AI + traditional tools only pure prompts no artists no styles
Chris' A.I. Art

Trudels glutenfreies Kochbuch

Trudels glutenfreies Kochbuch is Germany's number one website for original gluten-free recipes. Started as a small family project and has since grown to spawn several books, a podcast and multiple partnerships with manufacturers of gluten-free food
Trudels glutenfreies Kochbuch


Working with clients, providing corporate training and teaching photography to students, Chris has received a lot of feedback.
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Chris' books on photography have been translated to multiple languages and offer comprehensive guidance and practical tips.
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Chris Marquardt is the creator of the German CM MAGAZIN, a publication focused on topics at the intersection of humans and technology, including photography, mobility, space, AI and VR/AR. The magazine originally started as a podcast in collaboration with Holger Klein. The text-only version of the magazine is free, including its audio podcast. Supporters receive the podcast version first, everyone else gets to listen to the podcast with one week delay.

Pick one Photo

Pick One Photo is a project by Chris Marquardt that explores the stories behind photos. In this simple and engaging format, Chris invites a guest to bring one photo and pick one photo. Together, they explore the stories, memories, and emotions associated with the chosen photos.
Pick on Photo video series