Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt (64)

Chris Marquardt is a photographer, producer and educator. He produces audio, video and podcasts for himself and for you. He also offers training and consulting services, helping you tell amazing visual stories. If you join one of his tours or workshops, he will make sure you have memorable photo experiences in amazing places.

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Chris Marquardt Workshops is a German business based in 30890 Barsinghausen and governed by the laws of Germany. Workshop Terms…


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After months of anticipation, our town's fiber-to-the-home project is finally here! Well, almost. Over the last year Deutsche Glasfaser dug…

Pick one Photo Video Series Screenshot

Pick one Photo

Pick One Photo is a project by Chris Marquardt that explores the stories behind photos. In this simple and engaging…

Book cover of Fotografia Analogica

Fotografia Analogica

Italian version of the Film Photography Handbook Fotografia analogica. Riscoprire la fotografia su pellicola 35mm, medio e grande formato.